Powering America’s Corporate Philanthropy and Social Responsibility Programs Since 1978

We’re the Company Other Companies Trust with their Philanthropic Efforts

For two generations, AmeriGives has served as a trusted advisor and service partner to Fortune 500 and other organizations eager to mobilize their resources on behalf of favorite charities, important causes, and socially relevant programs. No other company has done so much for so long – and we’re just getting started.

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Employees Engaged
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A Complete Philanthropy Service Provider

We are a full-service provider for corporate social responsibility, workplace giving, and philanthropic programs. From up-front strategic planning and implementation to ongoing management and staffing to the technology powering those programs, AmeriGives does it all.


Want to breathe new life into a campaign, design new programs, or better understand where you stand among your peers? Our team has extensive experience working in the for-profit sector, the Philanthropy 400, and with countless nonprofits.

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Our team knows its primary role is to represent your brand to your employees, partners, and communities. Services include: Annual Campaigns, Disaster Relief, Dollars for Doers, Event Management, Gift Matching, Grants Management, and Volunteerism.

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We use a suite of technologies to deliver the services you need. We also license our GivingPrograms Platform to clients who have the staff to do it themselves. We are flexible and ready to serve. Just let us know what you need.

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The Corporate Philanthropy Programs We Support

AmeriGives’ mission is to help companies define and implement programs that make the most sense for their people, their communities, and their goals. From design, development, and implementation to technology, managed services, and planning, AmeriGives is the only solution your organization needs to create a successful philanthropy program.

Annual Campaigns

Giving campaign for your favorite charities

Payroll Deduction

AmeriGives allows you to design and implement year-round giving campaigns with or without payroll deduction. You decide (we can help), we implement, your favorite charities win.

Cause-Related Giving

Pick an annual favorite

Pick a Month

You’re organization is busy and runs on routines, which is why cause-related giving is so popular. Pick a cause, associate a particular month with it, we’ll help you do the rest.

Days of Caring

Volunteer, donate, or matching programs

Lots of ways to help

Here’s your organization’s chance to put some or all of its resources to work on behalf of a favorite cause. Use AmeriGives’ volunteer, donation, and matching tools to help.

Disaster Relief

Give help where it is needed

Helping People In Need

Natural disasters are an unfortunate part of life on this planet. They also represent a time when people are at their finest. Let AmeriGives help you create a disaster relief program that delivers help where – and when – it is most needed.

Event Management

We support virtually any kind of event

Events Unlimited!

Events are a critical – and well-known – part of any corporate giving or philanthropic program. Let AmeriGives help you create, administer, and report the events that make the most sense for your organization.


Managing a complex process

Service + Solution

Grant programs come in many shapes and sizes. A well-run program requires a mix of great service and technology.

Matching Gifts

A corporate favorite and classic path to help

Inspire everyone to act

Matching gift programs have been around as long as corporate philanthropy itself. AmeriGives makes it easy to design an implement a Matching Gift program that will inspire everyone to join your efforts. Add volunteerism for a Dollars for Doers program, or add a match to your Annual Campaign – we’ve got those covered too.

PAC Fundraising

Empower your people

Activism + Philanthropy

One way to inspire your people is to galvanize support around key political issues that might impact your company. AmeriGives enables you to create matching gift programs where employee contributions to the company’s PAC is matched by a corporate charitable donation.


Engage more than just your employees' wallets

Let's Get Physical!

Volunteerism, dollars for doers, and other programs are great ways to inspire your teams to become involved and see the end-result of their hard work. It’s also a morale booster.

Some of our clients….

… and their feedback

Home Depot


Linn Energy

Alliance Data

American Red Cross

PPG Industries

Gen Corp

Rockefeller Foundation

Why Choose AmeriGives?

  • 37 Years of Experience

  • A Complete Solution

  • Integrated Platform

  • In-House Funds Disbursement

  • Industry Thought Leaders

  • Trusted by Fortune 500

  • Call Center Support

  • Service-First Culture

  • Experienced Management Team

  • Managed Services

  • Strategic Consulting Practice

  • Flexibility for Multiple Programs

  • SOC2

  • Fast, Easy, Intuitive Setup

  • Innovative, Creative Solutions

  • Coast-to-Coast Clientele

  • Dedicated Customer Support

  • Large Funding Capacity

  • Low Overhead

  • Outstanding Customer Experience

  • Industry Commitment

  • Longest Industry Tenure

  • Serving All Corporate Verticals

  • Extensive Nonprofit Relationships

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“AmeriGives makes it easy….”

AmeriGives makes it easy for us to support our associates’ efforts to give back to the organizations and causes that matter to them.
Ashley Luft, The Home Depot Foundation

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