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710, 2015

A Caution About Year-Round Giving

A growing number of companies are expanding employee giving from a one-time, calendar-driven campaign to a year-round Corporate Responsibility Program (CSR) that expands giving and volunteerism opportunities while also engaging employees in more personally relevant ways.

All good, of course, but in this post we’ll offer a caution about year-round giving. Or, more specifically, about how best to make that transition.

Call-out-graphic_caution-2The annual employee giving campaign is a time-honored tradition at many American workplaces. Due […]

2209, 2015

Early CSR Benchmark Results Are In

We’ve been busy tallying the results of our CSR Industry Benchmarks Study and thus far the results suggest we are entering an important new era of corporate responsibility, sustainability, and philanthropy that will fundamentally reshape the way consumers, job prospects, the media, partners and others look at the corporate world.

And these changes don’t just apply to the Fortune 500. Our results shows that for hundreds of thousands of SMBs, CSR is going to […]

1108, 2015

Matching Gifts – Time for a Closer Look

If you were walking down the street and saw a $100 bill lying in the gutter, would you ignore it and keep walking? Obviously, the answer is no, yet this is precisely what corporations and the charities they support are doing every day. Only, it’s not $100, it’s billions of dollars. Every year.

For reasons unclear to us, far too many organizations on both sides of the aisle – the companies eager to establish effective Corporate Social Responsibility programs and the […]

2807, 2015

4 Reasons Workplace Giving is Key to Year-end Campaigns

For most of us the word ‘summer’ conjures thoughts of vacation and time away from the office. But for nonprofit organizations it’s also a reminder that year-end planning soon must begin and with it – we strongly advise – the inclusion of a workplace giving campaign.

Why is workplace giving so important to the nonprofit world? In this post, we’ll briefly look at the concept itself and then 4 reasons workplace giving is key to year-end campaigns.

Workplace giving – the numbers

For starters, workplace giving refers […]

2007, 2015

From Campaigns to Causes in 6 Easy Steps

Do your giving programs feel stale? Are you thinking about changing the focus of the Corporate Social Responsibility or philanthropy programs at your company? One way to do that is to turn your workplace giving campaign into a cause … or better still, a series of cause-related fundraising activities across the calendar. It’s not hard to make the change. You can go from campaigns to causes in 6 easy steps.

It’s easy to get set in your ways, even when it comes […]

2406, 2015

Annual or Year-Round Workplace Giving?

Workplace giving campaigns are the cornerstone to many if not most Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs. These campaigns not only benefit charities, but they also engage employees and demonstrate a company’s commitment to the communities in which it operates. Which begs the question, when it comes to your company, which is best? Annual or year-round workplace giving?

Put another way, is it possible for there to be too much of a good thing when it comes to workplace giving? There are a […]