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At AmeriGives, service always comes first – always

AmeriGives is an experienced Philanthropy Services Provider (PSP). We specialize as a full-service provider of managed services for Corporate Social Responsibility, corporate philanthropy, and workplace giving programs.

When we say “full-service,” we mean it. Our team of consultants, account managers and customer service representatives are prepared to assist you with all of your corporate philanthropy program services needs.

Using our proprietary platform,, coupled with our funds disbursement operations and call center, we package a complete service solution for your company.
If you don’t have the time to get it done, let us do it for you. Our Managed Services team has experience with Fortune 500 level corporate giving programs and Philanthropy 400 service programs.

We believe such diverse experience adds to the quality of the services we deliver to you.

From gift processing to fiscal reconciliation and reporting to auditing, we take care of it all. And charities love us for that!
Do you have key charity partners, but can’t seem to find the time to cultivate those relationships? We can help.
Need to find the right organization for your Corporate Social responsibility strategy? We can do that too, and then help you develop and grow those relationships.
Struggling with the technology systems that support your giving programs – even some other vendor’s platform? – let us ease your burden. Our staff can work within your budget to improve system utilization and program success.
Let us provide the help desk that answers your employee questions about your programs. We learn your programs, train our team, and provide industry leading customer service. That way, your staff can focus on what do what they do best.

The Complete List of AmeriGives Services

Annual Employee Giving

The Annual Employee Campaign is often a signature workplace giving program for larger companies and organizations. The benefits are numerous. For starters, employers and employees combine to raise significant amounts of money for charity through the workplace – an estimated $4.8 billion, according to Charity Navigator. Giving is usually made possible through payroll deduction, which enables employees to give a higher than average gift to charity while the charities receive a guaranteed or pledged income stream for the next year.

Years ago, the Annual Employee Campaign was conducted in partnership with local United Ways who in turn helped organize the programs and distributed the funds to charities. A lot has changed over the years, however, and today this employee giving program is as varied as the company culture behind each campaign.

There are lots of decisions to be made when it comes to the campaign. Will your employee campaign run in the fall or be open all year round? What charities will be allowed into the campaign to receive donations? What’s the marketing plan? Do you need a volunteer team to help execute? How will the funds be collected and disbursed? Fortunately, AmeriGives is prepared to help you every step of the way.

AmeriGives offers all of the services necessary to support your Annual Employee Campaign. These include:

  • A secure website where employees can select charities and make donations
  • Funds disbursement throughout the following year to help employers and employees fulfill those pledged gifts
  • Call Center support to answer questions from both employees and charities
  • Outsourced staffing to handle everything from processing paper forms to managing charity relationships
  • Consulting to help any company design a new employee campaign or re-imagine an old one

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Cause Related Giving

Cause-related giving is a more recent trend in workplace giving programs, driven in large part by millennials. As research has shown us that younger donors are more likely to support a cause than a specific charity, many Corporate Social Responsibility strategies have shifted focus as well.

Cause campaigns, cause marketing, cause-related giving are terms that describe this new trend in giving. For example, rather than sponsoring a giving program that benefits a community food bank or even a global hunger organization like Feed the Children, a company puts together a cause-driven program called “End hunger today”. The company then selects, say, three to five hunger-related charities that will receive the donated funds and be responsible for delivering the needed services.

Cause-related giving is great for small to mid-sized companies that do not have the resources to put into a large Annual Employee Campaign. Companies, instead, can focus on addressing just a few issues throughout the year, maybe one per quarter, to encourage employee engagement. In other cases, some large companies have evolved from traditional employee campaigns to cause campaigns in order to inject new life into their CSR programs.

To support your cause-giving programs, our proprietary SaaS platform is easily configured to offer your employees donation, volunteering, and other giving opportunities all centered around the cause(s) of your choice.

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Days of Caring

The term “Day of Caring” refers to team volunteering events organized on a specific day(s) in a community. A community fundraising drive, like a United Way Campaign, sometimes kicks off with a Day of Caring, where corporations recruit teams of employees who volunteer to help various charities in their community.

AmeriGives can help improve your organization’s Day of Caring impact in a number of ways.

  • Our SaaS platform includes Volunteer and Event Management modules that can be used to create and manage the Day of Caring.
  • Our Insights data management and reporting system tracks and measures event participation and impact.
  • AmeriGives consultants can help you plan the event, determine impact measurements, and even recruit charity partners in your community.

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Dollars for Doers

Dollars for Doers is a popular grant or gift-matching program based on volunteer time. The employee volunteers time at an eligible charity or organization, and once a certain threshold of hours has been volunteered, the employee can apply for a grant from the company to the charity where the time was volunteered.

Dollars for Doers programs have been around a long time, and there are variants on the program. For example, some companies offer both individual and team grants.

Two recent trends in Dollars for Doers programs include:

  • Companies have been decreasing and even doing away with minimum hourly requirements in order for the organization to receive a grant.
  • Companies generally no longer ask the charity to verify the employee’s hours of service before funding the grant.

These changes are being made to encourage participation in the program by reducing administration time and effort for both the employee and the recipient charity.

AmeriGives’ SaaS platform, GivingPrograms, is designed to support Dollars for Doers programs by synchronizing our Volunteer Tracking system with our Matching Gift request interface. The result is an easy to use solution that encourages employee participation.

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Disaster Relief

Responding to a disaster is something we instinctively want to do. We want to help. And we want to help right away.

AmeriGives encourages all of our clients to deploy our ready-response system with the initial implementation of our services platform. That way we are ready when you are – minimizing time and effort to launch your Disaster Relief fundraising program.

Disaster Relief software doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, too many bells and whistles can detract from the purpose. AmeriGives wants to help you launch your disaster response in a matter of hours, not days.

Interested in learning more about the AmeriGives approach to disaster relief programs? Ask us about our soon-to-be-release solution, Rapid Rapid Response.

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Event Management

Employee engagement matters more than ever in today’s competition for talent. Successful engagement activities let your employees know that your company understands a person’s needs as an employee, that your company is a great place to work … a great place to invest their talents.

Volunteering programs are a great way to demonstrate that message. And to be organized and successful, volunteering programs need to plan, manage, and successfully execute any number of event activities. Which brings us to our Event Management solution …

Event Management in our GivingPrograms suite is designed to support your individual and team volunteering activities. Creating and managing events, promoting volunteer needs, registration and more helps your company build out a portfolio of volunteer activities to engage your employees.

Furthermore, the work doesn’t end when the event is over. You – and your C-suite – will want the data. How many employees attended? What charities participated? How many hours, dollars were contributed? How did you measure success? AmeriGives Insights reporting platform puts your event data at your fingertips.

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Grants Management

AmeriGives offers Grant Management services for companies needing hands on, custom program support. Our GivingPrograms SaaS platform is able to be customized to fit the particulars of your grant program, while our experienced services team stands ready to help you achieve your grant program goals.

Grant requests can be submitted online. Potential recipients vetted. And payouts managed through our software. Meanwhile, program results are tracked and reported through Insights, our highly configurable, industry leading data management platform.

Furthermore, our AmeriGives Consulting team is able to help you develop a new grant program or improve upon an existing one. For example, when one of our clients needed to set up a new mini-grant program to support local educational programs, they turned to AmeriGives to make it happen.

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Matching Gifts

AmeriGives was founded three decades ago as the original Matching Gifts company. And we’ve never looked back. In fact, Matching Gifts programs have evolved in many ways, and AmeriGives continues to be part of the evolution.

Research continues to tell us that there are two ways to encourage donors to give more. One is through greater transparency and demonstrating results on the part of the charity. The second is through the promotion of gift matching. AmeriGives is devoted to both, by the way. While our Insights data management platform is leading our efforts around transparency and results, our program services support for the widest range of Matching Gifts programs continues to lead the industry.

Did you know that just mentioning matching gifts in a fundraising appeal results in a 71% increase in the response rate and a 51% increase in the average donation amount even before the matching gift is added to the donation?

Did you know that an estimated $2 – $3 billion is donated through matching gifts programs annually?

Our friends at Double the Donation have pulled together very useful matching gifts statistics that are worth checking out. There is a very compelling case for the importance of a Matching Gifts program to your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

Perhaps best of all, Matching Gifts programs offer a great deal of design flexibility, and that helps companies achieve a variety of CSR goals. They are great for smaller companies looking to start up that first workplace giving program. You can augment or jump start an annual campaign with a new matching component. Volunteer grants and Dollars for Doers programs also utilize gift matching. So many options.

AmeriGives Consulting can help you create a new Matching Gifts program or advance an existing one.

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PAC Fundraising

PACs, or Political Action Committees, are commonplace in many larger companies. While the employee contribution to the PAC is not tax deductible, employers are focusing on a different benefit to encourage eligible employees to give to the PAC – a matching gift.

PAC Matching” programs are becoming more popular. Employees give to the company PAC, and the company in turn makes a donation to the employee’s charity of choice (usually within a set of giving program guidelines).

AmeriGives works with clients to enable PAC Matching programs. Benefits include:

  • Secure online giving
  • A donation registration process that creates an audit trail
  • Configurable databases of recipient charities for the employees
  • Data and report synchronization with the company’s FEC (Federal Election Commissions) reporting software
  • Central reporting for all of the Corporate Social Responsibility programs, for both the company and the employee contributor

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Volunteerism is a central part of many employee giving and Corporate Social Responsibility strategies. Corporate volunteering programs can be as diverse and interesting as the corporate cultures behind them. They illustrate the important point that employee or workplace “giving” can mean much more than giving money.

Many Volunteerism programs depend upon high quality volunteer opportunities developed with charity partners in local communities. Others, however, utilize a larger community database of opportunities, asking AmeriGives to integrate with providers, such as VolunteerMatch. Both are great ways to seed your employee volunteer activity, get your people involved, and improve morale!

AmeriGives makes it easy to create volunteer opportunities and set up registration forms and other engagement tools to facilitate the volunteer process. Once you’ve identify the charities or community organizations you wish to support, you can easily implement the tools needed to officially launch your Volunteerism program.

When it comes to the “nuts and bolts” of Volunteerism, we make it easy for your employees do things like sign up, track time, view activity, and request grants. Page layouts are configurable, content and images are quick to update, and all the data is stored where everyone can see it – employee accounts, administrator dashboards and even reports for charities.

AmeriGives supports volunteer grant and matching programs otherwise known as Dollars for Doers. This enables your employees to volunteer for their favorite causes and for employers to match those hours with actual financial donations. We also help you work with those charities to manage disbursements, time tracking, and related requirements.

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A Few Words About Our Technology

AmeriGives offers its clients secure, easy-to-use technology for corporate philanthropy services, including annual giving campaigns, matching gifts, and volunteerism. While we firmly believe philanthropy is a services business, we invest heavily in technology as a critical service delivery tool.

We start with a proprietary service delivery platform, GivingPrograms. Designed and tested for the highest standards in reliability, scalability, security, and performance, GivingPrograms hosts program modules that we configure for our clients in order to support their programs, such as Matching Gifts, Annual Campaigns, Dollars for Doers, Volunteerism, Events, Grants and more.

In addition, we utilize our Insights for Charity nonprofit portal to communicate and exchange information with the thousands of charities who are the recipients of the generosity of our clients and their employees.

But we don’t stop there.

Our team has extensive experience designing and developing custom SaaS platforms for multiple industries. We can put this experience to work for your unique giving program needs. Should your requirements and budget support the need, we will:

  • Customize existing features of
  • Create new features tailored to your program needs
  • Develop a custom giving module to fit your custom program
  • Create a reporting dashboard to pull together Corporate Social Responsibility data from across multiple systems

What does your organization need? Out of the box? Configuration? Customization? Just let us know.

“AmeriGives makes it easy….”

AmeriGives makes it easy for us to support our associates’ efforts to give back to the organizations and causes that matter to them.
Ashley Luft, The Home Depot Foundation