Insights comes built to immediately support eight standard visualizations of your giving program data. But additional views and charts can be added upon request.

The bottom line: Insights allows you to easily integrate, mix and match, and discover hidden secrets in your data through state-of-the-art visualization tools.

Each chart also behaves as a dynamic data filtering agent. Users can click on any region of a chart, update the data, and submit for immediate recalculations for real-time filtering.

This enables program managers not simply to gauge existing results, but also to test hypotheses and determine likely outcomes for different actions.

Use search, sort, column selectors and other Insights tools to mix and manage and analyze data.

Exports and printing can be executed with the push of a button and reports can easily be shared across the organization.

Normal hierarchical management tools make it a snap to assign administrative authority.

Insights is ideal for membership and chapter-based organizations that require the means of rolling up data from multiple membership tiers and locations.

Similarly, reports can be drilled down to the constituent data elements, enabling users to easily identify the nature or source of a particular data set at the constituent level.

Snap Shots

As its name suggests, Snap Shots are reports being added that will give quick, all-encompassing or top-level views of different data sets, such as Top Members or Top Companies.

Where’s My Gift?

Where’s my gift? is a search utility that will enable users to track the exact status of a gift in the fulfillment process. Perhaps that gift has a match pending verification by your charity?

Save It

Save it is a utility that will allow a user to save a certain data report configured in the system so that the same report can be recalled, edited, and updated with the newest data.

Ready to test-drive Insights for your nonprofit organization? Want to see how quickly you can start visualizing your giving data in entirely new ways that save time while delivering more impressive results?