A New Way to Visualize Your CSR Data

Insights is a data visualization engine that enables CSR and corporate philanthropy managers to quickly and easily integrate all of their data. Insights provides the comprehensive view of your giving program data that you always wanted but never had.

Utilizing the very latest in data management technology, Insights brings you the information you need, when you need it, without the time and expense of hiring a team of people to log into multiple portals, download lots of data, and construct reports by hand.

Corporations love Insights because it lets them use their favorite Corporate Social Responsibility vendors while creating a comprehensive CSR picture for key stakeholders, including program managers, the C-suite, shareholders, employees and even the public.

Nonprofits love Insights because it captures and organizes giving data from dozens or even hundreds of donation portals, freeing them of the hassle, cost, and wasted time spent chasing and losing track of thousands inbound gifts, matches and pledges because you are overwhelmed by all that electronic data.

A Complete CSR Data Solution

Data Integration

Collect all your CSR and related corporate philanthropy data into a single platform, including from legacy and third-party sources.

Mining and Analysis

Mix, match, and cross-index your CSR data to derive the key sources of intelligence program managers, the C-suite, stakeholders, employees and even the public most want and need.

New Intelligence

Use the power of visualization to identify data patterns and answers to questions you’d never even considered asking. Visual tools make it easy to quickly make new discoveries.

Share Results

Corporate Social Responsibility is more important than ever. Insights makes it easy to share easily digestible, highly visual reports with program managers, charities, shareholders, executives, employees and others.

Nonprofit Organizations

Insights for nonprofits enables charities and other organizations to easily integrate giving data from the seemingly countless sources that now create a confusing maze for corporate giving program managers.

Commercial Enterprises

Insights for corporate enterprises bridges all the informational gaps that so often plague robust, multifaceted CSR and philanthropy programs or even smaller programs that just need better ways to visualize results.