Nonprofit Services

Helping our nonprofit partners maximize their corporate philanthropy impact.

The benefits of AmeriGives as a Philanthropy Services Provider (PSP) reach well beyond our corporate clients. At AmeriGives, nonprofits and other charitable organizations are clients too!

For example, AmeriGives’ gift disbursement services reach more than 15,000 nonprofits every year. That’s more than just processing checks and payments. We provide donor data files, respond to customer service inquiries, help charities identify matching gift opportunities, and so much more.

With our new industry-changing data management platform, Insights, AmeriGives enables nonprofits to aggregate, organize and manage donor data from hundreds of different giving portals and databases. So being a Philanthropy Services Provider means we are committed to providing the highest quality services to all constituents in the philanthropy sector, and that includes nonprofit services.

Through the workplace, employers and employees team up to give more than $20 billion to charitable organizations annually. Employees also contribute hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours that many of us in the industry are still trying to add up. Odds are, corporate philanthropy impacts your organization. If so, we help maximize that impact.

Here’s what we do for the sector …

Gift disbursement. One of our staples. We work with charitable organizations every day to answer questions and ensure efficient processing of donations from corporate giving programs. For more information, you may visit our Nonprofit FAQ page. Or feel free to contact our services team if you have any questions about a pending donation, gift report, or payment received.

Matching gift notifications. Another core service to so many nonprofits. Look for AmeriGives emails notifying your organization of a pending matching gift that requires verification. And some companies now are asking recipient organizations to verifying not just gift receipt but also compliance with their giving guidelines. So pay close attention to those notices.

Data services. AmeriGives recently launched AmeriGives Insights®, a new online service for data management, including the  distribution donor information electronically to our recipient organizations. Data management is one of the leading services for nonprofits that we provide.

Even better, through Enterprise Insights, your organization has access to the following enhanced nonprofit services:

  • Upgrade to gain the benefits of data visualization and analytics tools
  • Build data feeds from third party data sources to view and manage all of your corporate philanthropy in one place
  • Create custom data reports
  • Consolidate chapter data

Consulting. If your organization needs help managing and/or measuring the impact of workplace giving and other corporate philanthropy programs, we can help. Our consulting services for nonprofits include:

  • Employee donor data management services
  • Workplace giving benchmarking
  • Marketing strategies to increase awareness at the workplace
  • Identifying and cultivating corporate partnerships

Webinars. Sometimes you need to know “what’s the latest” but don’t have the budget to engage a professional consulting team. Don’t worry – you don’t have to miss out. Join our monthly webinars on key corporate giving topics facing charitable organizations – topics such as:

  • What is happening within the CFC?
  • How are corporate engagement strategies changing?
  • How do mid-sized company interests differ from the Fortune 500?

Blogs. Last but not least, we blog. But not because we are trying to just sell, sell, sell. Blogging is a commitment to thought leadership and sharing our corporate philanthropy expertise, one topic at a time. We invite you to sign up and follow us. Here’s an example of our commitment to thought leadership: 4 Reasons Why Workplace Giving is Key to Year-end Campaigns for every nonprofit.

Contact us for more information about these nonprofit services.

“I have known and collaborated with Gary for many years. As a customer I felt that Gary always had our best interest first. The knowledge he brings to a conversation about workplace giving is broader than most and his passion for doing things right is one of a kind.

Gary can connect the conversation regarding marketing, promotions and the ask process and more importantly; he can provide best practices in the preparation of the campaign, set the appropriate expectations for the company and the charity and deliver a sound technical conversation about the entire systems approach to workplace giving. Gary is very much a lifelong charity-focused executive.”

Lou Nistler
Executive Director
CFC of the National Capital Area