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Many Volunteerism programs depend upon high quality volunteer opportunities developed with charity partners in local communities. Others, however, utilize a larger community database of opportunities, asking AmeriGives to integrate with providers, such as VolunteerMatch. Both are great ways to seed your employee volunteer activity, get your people involved, and improve morale!

AmeriGives makes it easy to create volunteer opportunities and set up registration forms and other engagement tools to facilitate the volunteer process. Once you’ve identify the charities or community organizations you wish to support, you can easily implement the tools needed to officially launch your Volunteerism program.

When it comes to the “nuts and bolts” of Volunteerism, we make it easy for your employees do things like sign up, track time, view activity, and request grants. Page layouts are configurable, content and images are quick to update, and all the data is stored where everyone can see it – employee accounts, administrator dashboards and even reports for charities.

AmeriGives supports volunteer grant and matching programs otherwise known as Dollars for Doers. This enables your employees to volunteer for their favorite causes and for employers to match those hours with actual financial donations. We also help you work with those charities to manage disbursements, time tracking, and related requirements.

A 3-Step Process

We can help you identify reputable charities your organization can build an initial volunteerism program around. Or, tell us the organizations your team members want to help.

Once you’ve selected the charities or groups you wish to support, we’ll tailor all necessary systems, program information, time tracking, etc., to your particular organization.

The AmeriGives platform allows volunteer program administrators to easily track results and share or export reports for CSR, C-suite and other stakeholders.

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